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Last Look at how Defense Faired in Week One


A little late but here's how the defense faired against a Browns defense they were expected to shut down.

Now-touted Panthers putting front seven back together with Kuechly


"At least at this point, the indications are fairly positive as well for the Carolina linebackers. The Panthers may not deliver on Davis' recent vow that the team will win the Super Bowl, and the linebacker group might not yet represent an embarrassment of riches. But if all the linebackers are healthy, neither will they be an embarrassment, period, in 2012."

Does Defense Really Win Championships?


University of Chicago economist Tobias J. Moskowitz and Sports Illustrated's L. Jon Wertheim offer a scientific analysis of NFL games to challenge the conventional wisdom that "defense wins championships." Their empirical analysis examines only the NFL, but Joshua Cooper woud probably agree that offense and defense should receive equal weight when making predictions -- at least when it comes to making the NHL postseason. Lock up the Big Three if you want, Mr. Poile -- but at some point you're going to have to pay for some help up front!

Scoring down in college basketball


Much discussion of Wisconsin's 12-2 start in hoops surrounds it much-improved defense, which is easily ranked #1 in the nation by Ken Pomeroy and is holding opponents to 44.4 ppg. But CBS' Matt Norlander exposes a broader truth about scoring being down across the NCAA so far this season. In fact, he says, offense is on a record-low pace.

Pablo, the Best Defensive Third Baseman in the Majors?


"He didn’t win a Gold Glove. He didn’t win a Fielding Bible Award. But Pablo Sandoval may be the best defensive third baseman in the National League, if not the majors." I am not familiar with the significance of the stats [rPM (runs plus minus saved), DRS (defensive runs saved), and RZR (revised zone rating)] used here. But at least there is evidence that Pablo is among the best defensive third basemen in baseball.

Bruins defense holds players only meeting


The UCLA defense got together on tuesday for a players only meeting. Hope this is a good sign of change to come. Go Bruins!

The New Moneyball


"The surprising Indians ran to the top of the American League with a defense that ranked second in the AL in Defensive Efficiency as recently as May 23, but a 4-14 slump in their ensuing 18 games was joined by a drastic decline in their defensive performance. Cleveland currently ranks 23rd in Defensive Efficiency, 11th in the American League."

Mavericks vs. Thunder, Game 3: First Team to Play Defense Wins!


The Mavs are a very good team defensively, and elite offensively — but they didn't bring that defense in Game 2. If they bring it tonight, they'll take back control of the series. If they bring it the rest of the series, they'll be back in the Finals.

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