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SI Kids picks the Top 10 of Everything in Sports

SI for Kids has released another awesome book, and this time their editors have selected the Top Ten of Everything in Sports. And when they say Everything, they mean everything. How well represented were the Chicago Bears? Continue on to find out.

Clyde Bulldog Turner, Unsung Monster Of The Midway

Occasionally some of the Chicago Bears all time greats are forgotten about among names like Payton, Luckman, Ditka, Sayers, & Butkus. There is a recently released book about Bears Hall Of Famer Clyde "Bulldog" Turner that we wanted to bring to light.

Mike Ditka on his visit to Halas Hall

Spongie linked this up in the Bears Den this morning -- a daily must visit for Chicago Bears fans -- but we wanted to spotlight the article that Mike Ditka wrote for the Chicago Sun Times.

PFT gets the Chicago Bears Mt. Rushmore wrong

If you're going to ask your readers to select an iconic foursome to adorn a Chicago Bears Mt. Rushmore, then you should probably just deal with the results.

It's time to vote for the Bears Mt. Lunchpail

Be sure to vote for your top choice. After a winner is determined in round one, we'll have another poll for the second spot in Mt. Lunchpail, and so on and so forth, until we have all four spots chiseled in some OSS stone.

Who do you nominate for a Bears "Mt. Lunchpail"

Picking the four greatest players of any team is all the rage theses days, but what about a Mt. Rushmore for those other Chicago Bears players. What about four Chicago Bears to be chiseled into a Mt. Lunchpail?

Bears Playbook - Pardee and Payton's Greatest Game

Former Bears head coach Jack Pardee passed away this week at 76. Here's how he led the 1977 Bears past the reigning division champion Minnesota Vikings and put Walter Payton into the record books.

Chicago Bears Myth Busters: Are the Bears cheap?

There are a few things that are constantly regurgitated by fans and media alike about the Chicago Bears. In this somewhat sporadic series, we'll examine some well known myths about the Bears and try to pin point the facts.

Jay Cutler is our Jerk

Jay Cutler may not have the best reputation league wide, but he's our quarterback.

Red Eye Picks The 20 Greatest Chicago Bears

The Chicago Tribune's Red Eye lists their 20 Greatest Chicago Bears, stop by Windy City Gridiron for some always candid discussion.

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