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100 Things Bears Fans Should Know And Do


If we were to ask our readers to list things that every Bears fan should know & do before they die, we'd probably need to leave the comment section open for months. Thankfully Triumph Books has...

Build-A-Chicago Bears All Time Roster Game


You have $20, seven position groups to fill, and 35 choices to choose from. Whom are you picking for your All Time Chicago Bears roster?

Red Eye Picks The 20 Greatest Chicago Bears

The Chicago Tribune's Red Eye lists their 20 Greatest Chicago Bears, stop by Windy City Gridiron for some always candid discussion.

Chicago Bears 53-Man Roster (All-Time)

The Chicago Bears are a team with a storied history, and some of the greatest players to ever play the game. With the 2012 pre-season getting underway, and roster predictions running wild, here's a...

Big Ten Countdown 24 - Red Grange Becomes A Legend, Iowa's #24 Nile Kinnick


The number 24 is well represented by two of the most heralded figures in Big Ten history. In 1924, Red Grange became legend, playing one of the greatest games in history against Michigan. #24 Nile...

Big Ten Countdown 50: Michigan State Joins, The Old Brass Spittoon, Dick Butkus And Nebraska Has A Winning Season


What's special about the number 50? Dick Butkus was number 50. Michigan State joined the Big Ten (kind of) in 1950, the Old Brass Spittoon begins and Nebraska finally has a winning season.

RBR Reading Room: Game of My Life


The RBR Reading Room reviews Tommy Hicks' 2008 book on the history of Alabama football as seen through 30 separate players, "Game of My Life."

Bowl Season: Rooting for the Big Ten Or Sticking with The Big 12 One Last Time?


One Husker fan is stuck wondering who to cheer for in this year's bowls that feature future Big Ten foes against the Big 12 teams Nebraska has been playing for years.

Gifts for A Husker Christmas


Christmas is coming! If you’re like me, then you’ll wait up until the last possible moment when everything is gone and then end up with a crappy present for your loved one(s), disappointing them...

Corn Nation College Pick 'Em Week 11 Winners and Leaders


Here's your weekly update on the Corn Nation Pick 'Em Game. zoomerjoe won this week with a 13-2 record, getting 106 points, and winning the tie breaker score over jfisch18, with the same record,...

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