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Falcons Hire Scott Pioli As Assistant GM


The Atlanta Falcons have hired former Kansas City Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli to be the team's assistant general manager. The Falcoholic breaks down the hire.

Amateur Hour Podcast w/ Kent Babb


Former KC Star columnist Kent Babb knows more about Scott Pioli than probably any other media member. He is the author of the infamous "Arrowhead Anxiety" piece that sent ripples through this organization. He may have skipped town to Washington DC, but he still has a special rooting interest with these Chiefs, and it goes like this: Get Scott Pioli fired. He sounds off on this, and all things Chiefs, on this week's episode of Amateur Hour hosted by His Dirkness and Ryan Hall.

Flaws of Chiefs' GM exposed


Scott Pioli is yet another flop to come out of the Patriots' organization.

Kansas City has become a terrible sports town

Kansas City has long had great sports fans, but the current ownership groups have treated them with terrible products on the field at the Truman Sports Complex

Chicago Bears GM Phil Emery Talks to Sports Illustrated


Chicago Bears GM Phil Emery Talks to SI about his past, his philosophy, his new receivers, and more. Stop by as we look at some highlights.

Pioli, Chiefs continue to go in right direction

While the Denver Broncos dominate headlines with the Peyton Manning addition, the Chiefs continue to build a promising roster. Kansas City added several pieces, highlighted by the additions of cornerback Stanford Routt, running back Peyton Hillis, right tackle Eric Winston and tight end Kevin Boss. I got a chance to catch up with Kansas City general manager Scott Pioli on Tuesday. Pioli is clearly pleased with the additions and how they continue to help his team move forward. Pioli is a student of how to build a winning roster and I think every move he makes is carefully considered and done in the scope of the big picture.

NFL Draft: Where Do The Starting QBs Come From?


Hype is part of draft season. Every year, hopeful fans clamor for their team to fill its most glaring needs with "can't miss" players. The media fuels the fire by making bombastic pronouncements...


Where Will Free Agent Peyton Manning Sign?

There's a chance that Peyton Manning, one of the greatest quarterbacks in league history, will be a free agent this spring. If that happens, I believe he'll sign with the team that gives him the...


The Chiefs Need A QB, But Can They Get One? Week 17 Edition

This is the third of a series of articles analyzing the Chiefs’ prospects for drafting a QB in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. The most significant news since the last article is that Matt...

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