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Uni Watch deems Avs Unipron worst uniform in the NHL


But, wait there's more! Not only is the Avs unipron the worst uniform in the NHL, it's 118 out of 122 when compared to all uniforms in the 4 major sports. I agree with them on that point, except the numbers. I like our number font. But I disagree with them on Edmonton at 104. The Oilers dark/home uniforms just might be the best in the league.

Rename the Indians Contest (UniWatch)


"Today [Sunday, March 18, 2012], we’ll be voting on a new name for the Cleveland baseball and Washington football teams. I’ll leave the polls open all week and next weekend, the winners of the new names for both teams will be announced. After that, it’s pretty much going to be like the other contests on UW — using the new name, design a new logo and uniform for each team."

The gray uniforms are here...


...and they're just a depressing as you expected. Maybe they are full of new technology, but they're not orange.

Huskies to Wear Black Unis Against Arizona


Art Thiel recaps the brutal loss on The Farm and says that the Dawgs will wear their black alternates for homecoming.

A bit of Cleveland Indians uniform non-history.


Paul Lukas of UniWatch turns his keen eye to a 1958 Cleveland Indians uniform prototype that never made it to the field.

OT: Nike vs Adidas & Uniform colors


It's been discussed here several times before. Does an 18 year-old kid really care that much about the Nike vs. Adidas topic, or whether a school's jerseys/colors can affect a commitment decision. Well, here is your answer. YES!

Lightning unveil new logo, uniforms


Our cross-state pals at Raw Charge have all the details, while Icethetics breaks down the individual design changes. Your move, Sunrise.

Get "Rangers" on the unis!


There's a poll over on the Rangers web site asking if you want to see "Rangers" on the players jerseys (hopefully the in the script image showing on the poll). Go over there and vote "Yes". Otherwise, you suck. :^)

Winnin' Ugly Uniforms


The UniWatch Blog has a fantastic write up today about the selection of the 1982 White Sox uniforms, which would become more famous during the White Sox 1983 Division Title year). Some great pictures of what could have been...

A Tidy Push for Orange


I love the sudden movement to bring orange back to Mile High full time. But there's something suspicious about the whole thing...

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