Xs and Os

Final Sackwatch of 2013

Although the 2013 season for the Chicago Bears didn't go as planned, their offense made big strides. I believe Marc Trestman's run and pass game is now able to win games, but it was the pass protection that impressed me the most in 2013.

Breaking Down The Tape: Sackwatch Week 16

It was a rough Sunday night for the pass protection of the Chicago Bears. The schemes designed by the Philadelphia Eagles caught the Bears off guard, but they are still far ahead of last season's Sackwatch pace. Here's a breakdown of all 5 sacks.

Bears Playbook - Zack Bowman's Value

Zack Bowman had a career game in Cleveland last Sunday. Here's why he's someone the Bears should think about holding on to in 2014.

Breaking down the tape: Sackwatch Week 15

With two games remaining in the 2013 season I can safely say that the Marc Trestman Chicago Bears offense will come in under the previous year's Sackwatch pace. The Bears would have to give up 21 sacks in the next two games to equal the 2012 total.

Chicago Bears Playbook - Blitz to Win

The Bears defense didn't make a lot of plays last week against Dallas, but they didn't need to make more than two to put the game in hand. Here's why Mel Tucker should keep rolling the dice and sending the blitz.

Grading the Bears rookie O-Linemen vs Dallas

It's been a few weeks since I hit the game film in detail and graded the two Chicago Bears rookie offensive linemen, Kyle Long and Jordan Mills. We're now in week 14 and neither rookie seems to be wearing.

Breaking down the Pick Screen and the sack allowed

This week I'll give the Xs & Os junkie an extra fix, because I'll not only discuss the lone sack the Chicago Bears allowed, but also the pick screen play that Josh McCown kept checking to. The Bears must have picked up on something while scouting the

Breaking down the 4 sacks the Bears allowed

Even after allowing their most sacks on the season thus far, the Chicago Bears are still way under the Sackwatch pace of years past. Check out the breakdown of each sack that the Bears allowed on Sunday to the Minnesota Vikings.

Chicago Bears Black Friday "Specials"

Does Phil Emery have a deal for you...

Breaking down the tape: Sackwatch Week 12

The Chicago Bears only allowed one sack to the St. Louis Rams, but don't let that fool you. The talented front four of the Rams were harassing Josh McCown all day long.


Breaking down the tape: Sackwatch Week 11

Sometimes sacks just happen, and sometimes defenses come up with a deceptive look that can ruin an offense's play before it can even start. Check out the breakdown of the two sacks the Chicago Bears allowed this week.

Bears Playbook - Bostic's Steady Improvement

Slowly but certainly, Jon Bostic is getting himself up to game speed. Here's another check-in on the rookie LB.

How Full is McCown's Glass?

Josh McCown is no Jay Cutler, but how much of a Cutler is McCown worth?

Breaking down the tape: Sackwatch Week 10

Last time the Chicago Bears played the Detroit Lions they allowed three sacks, this week it was only two, but if you factor in the 11 quarterback hits, you have a bad game in the pass protection department for the Bears.

Chicago Bears Playbook - Matt Forte, Chess Piece

After years of Bears offensive coordinators getting bested by Dom Capers' 3-4 machine, Marc Trestman is now 1-0. Here's how Trestman used Matt Forte in both the run and pass game to blow past the defense that previously seemed unbreakable.

Breaking down the tape: Sackwatch Week 9

Even with a new signal caller under center, the pass protection of the Chicago Bears is still looking good. Would you believe the Bears are 14 sacks under last seasons pace?

Watch for this Green Bay formation on MNF

The Packers used a formation against the Vikings several times last week, to some success. If the Bears are keen, they'll notice it and react immediately.

Chicago Bears Sackwatch 2013: Bye Week Breakdown

The Chicago Bears are coming off their bye week, and will have a new quarterback under center when Josh McCown steps in for the injured Jay Cutler. Everyone else on the offense will remain intact, so the Sackwatch shouldn't be affected too much.

Chicago Bears Playbook - Slowing Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers scored on every drive last week against Minnesota, but that man is still human. Here are the defensive lessons the Bears need to have learned from Green Bay's loss to the Bengals.

Chicago Bears Playbook - The Josh McCown Offense

Win or lose, here's why this round of "Cutty Come Back" should be less painful than 2011's, at least for the offense.

Breaking down the tape: Sackwatch Week 7

The Chicago Bears only allowed two sacks last week, but what a doozy of a couple sacks they were. The first sack nearly ended Jay Cutler's season, and the second sack ended the game. I'd rather not relive these two sacks...

Breaking down the tape: Sackwatch Week 6

If you've been following the Sackwatch since it's inception in 2010, you have to be pleased with the pass protection so far through six games. The improvement is a combination of a better scheme, smarter quarterback play, and a better offensive line.

Bears Playbook - Bostic's Debut in Review

The injury merry-go-round keeps on spinning for the Bears, and the next man up in Jon Bostic. Let's take a look at how the rookie handled his first real NFL action.

Grading Bears' rookies Long and Mills against N.Y.

I take a look at the Chicago Bears and New York Giants game tape in detail, and grade the play of the two Bears rookie offensive linemen, Kyle Long and Jordan Mills.

Bears can (and must) right the pass rush Thursday

The Bears defensive line is having some trouble getting going. The Giants offensive line is bad. This could be the week. And it has to be.

Breaking down the tape: Sackwatch Week 5

Another week for the Sackwatch, and another three sacks to breakdown. The blitzes from the Saints caught the Bears off guard in the first half, but it wasn't all on the offensive line. Continue on to see where I place blame for all three.

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