Xs and Os

A chalkboard look at the Chicago Bears playbook.

Watch out for Sproles in the pass game


The Saints have a heck of a passing game, and them having a small, shifty, glue-handed running back who is a beater in space doesn't help the opponents. We look at Sproles in the pass game here.

Breaking down the tape: Sackwatch Week 4


The pass protection of the Chicago Bears had their worst day of the young season against the Detroit Lions. Let's take a look at how Detroit picked up their three sacks.

Bears Playbook - Bad Luck and Briggs


The ball doesn't always bounce your way, a fact the Bears proved figuratively and literally last Sunday. Here's how Lance Briggs' off day and some bad bounces cost Chicago the win.

Breaking down the tape: Matt Forte's 53 yard TD


The bright spots for the Chicago Bears were few and far between on Sunday against the Detroit Lions. One exciting moment early in the 2nd quarter was the 53 yard touchdown run by Matt Forte, but it...

Breaking down the tape: Sackwatch Week 3


On Sunday night, the Chicago Bears faced the many defensive fronts and blitz schemes of Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau. They didn't come out unscathed, but only allowing two...

Bears Playbook - Trestman by the Numbers


It doesn't take too much time looking at Marc Trestman to guess that this guy is a total geek. Here's a peek at the numbers Trestman is running to manage risk in games.

Debunking the Peppers double-team myth


We always say, "Oh, Peppers is getting double-teamed", but what if he isn't? What if he's just not as good, and is getting effectively game-planned out?

Why the Bears do not have a designated "slot" WR


It seems like most NFL teams have that shifty slot receiver. You know the type, good hands, crisp route runner, and can get you YAC. Players like Wes Welker, Victor Cruz, Danny Amendola, Percy...

Bears Playbook - The Return(s) of Devin Hester


Take a peek inside the Joe DeCamillis playbook to see how the new ST coach helped Devin Hester set a career single-game record for return yardage against Minnesota. Plus, let's face it: you want to...

Breaking down the tape: Sackwatch Week 2


The Chicago offense wasn't able to remain sackless in week two, but this team is ahead of the Sackwatch of the last three seasons. It would appear that progress is being made in the Bears pass...

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