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Cleaning up shop

Not much going on today, so before we get into a game breakdown tomorrow I am just going to breifly hit a few topics.

  1. The Bears depth will be tested a bit this week, but it shouldn't be too big an issue.  It is possible that Thomas Jones and RT Fred Miller will both miss Sunday's game.  Cedric Benson and Adrian Peterson should be able to handle the load.  John St. Clair will be plugged in for Miller.  St. Clair stood in for John Tait for two games eariler this year and did a good job.  On a good note, the Bears will get guard Rueben Brown back.
  2. The Bears will be wearing alternate jerseys this week.  They will be going with an orange version of their current one.  
  3. There are any number of rumors floating around about TO and the Bears.  If TO isn't happy with McNabb, who is leading the league in passing yards, he likely isn't going to be happy with Orton or Grossman.  Besides we paid Muhammad good money to be our #1 and Bradley will be back next year and will be inserted at #2.
  4. The 49ers announced the rookie QB Cody Pickett will be their starter for this weeks game.  Dorsey will be the back up QB.
  5. Mike Singletary will be making his first trip to Solider Field as a non-Bear.  Samurai is currently the 49ers assistant head coach and linebackers coach.  I imagine he will get a nice reception.