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San Francisco 49ers vs. Chicago Bears


Chicago Bears (5-3)





TR- Even(T-16th)    

San Francisco 49ers (2-6)





TR- -6(T-22nd)

PS-Points Scored,PA-Points Allowed,TO-Total Offense,TD-Total Defense,TR-Turnover Ratio

I don't find the need to do an offense/defense breakdown on this game.  The 49ers have been playing tough, especially their defense, but this is a game that the Bears should absolutely win.  While the Niners defense whould stop the Bears from having a unlikely route, their offense shouldn't be too hard to contain.  If they score an offensive TD it should be commended.  I mean, and I can't believe I am saying this, Cody Pickett is no Kyle Orton(btw, that felt good).  He is a rookie who had even less playing time in preseason than Orton and their running game is inconsistent to average at best.  To prove a lot the Bears offense needs to have a big game here.  The Niners are giving up 400+ a game.  Their offense is the Bears last year, last in almost every statistical category.  The Bears are favored by 13 points and while I have long ago stopped expecting the Bears to cover any spread, they should win by more, but they will proably win 14-3 or some such nonsense.