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Miller and Kruetz admit to rumble

OK, this one has been brought to my attention a number of times, so I guess it is time to put it up for comments if the need be.

From The Chicago Sun-Times:

 Chicago Bears teammates Fred Miller and Olin Kreutz admitted Monday they were in a fight last week in which Kreutz broke Miller's jaw.

"We realize it was something very stupid on both of our parts and it's not going to happen again," Miller said in the locker room as he apologized to his family, his teammates and Kreutz.

Details of the fight were not clear, and neither Kreutz or Miller would provide them.

Miller needed surgery last week after initially saying he hurt his jaw in a fall at his home. He missed Sunday's game against the 49ers, ending a stretch of 110 straight starts dating back to 1998. He will also be sidelined this Sunday when Carolina visits Soldier Field.

Kreutz, a four-time Pro Bowl center, said he didn't know if he could be punished by the team or the league for the fight.

"Things got out of hand. Something happened and it just got out of hand," he said.

I don't know the rules on the league or organazation getting involved, but the have admitted it seemed to be remorseful and moved on.  I am willing to bet it was just heat of the moment.  Both Kruetz and Miller are vets and ultra-competative, so I wouldn't put more into it than that.