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Random Bits

Not too much going on Bears wise that is worth an entire post, so I am just going to hit a bunch of topics.

-Cedric Benson is expected to be out 3-6 weeks with a right sprained knee.

-Fred Miller and Olin Kruetz will be punished, but not suspended which leaves a sour taste in a certain Chicago Flip Flopper's mouth.(sorry you will have to find that article on your own, I have made a promise to never link to his site)

-During the Vikings/Giants game the Vikings had a 3rd and 41.  One one play the Vikings were hit with a offensive pass interference and an unsportsman like call.  Does anybody recall one longer than that?

-In the so called weakest division in the NFL, the NFC North, all teams won last week.  Including impressive wins by the Vikings and the Packers over the playoff bound New York Giants and Atlanta Falcons.  Hmmmm.  Maybe time to rethink that statement.

-I have to send a letter of thanks to Peyton Manning.  I drafted him with the first overall pick in my fantasy football league and I was beginning to wonder if I screwed that up by not taking LT or Alexander.  Alexander currently has 17 TDs the same amount that Manning now has.

-I hate these situations.  On one of my fantasy teams I have Steve Smith.  I know I can't bench him, but I really am not interested in him going off this week.  I also have the Bears defense, so I will be trying to not think about that this weekend.

-Odd!  Wade fumbles three times.  Vashar runs back an 108 yard FG miss and Wade still has job.  Maybe it is time to give Vashar a few shots at it.