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Well, how about them apples

There is a current trend amongst sports fans right now.  With big name sites run by the likes of ESPN and The Sporting News going to at least half their site being paid content and an all to obvious bias towards the top 5% of teams, people are starting to look to other means of getting their news.  That is one of the reasons I started my original BEARSblog, my site before I moved here.  

One of the first sites that I have found and now is a 3 times daily visit is Deadspin.  Deadspin isn't an all news all the time type of site, but they hit the important points and the lighter fare in sports. They had a great run on the Carolina cheerleaders incident.  One of my favorite parts is the "Why Your Hometown Columnist Sucks", where they take a look at some of the people who have taken a more apocalyptic approach towards writing(Mariotti, Pagie, Stepehn A. Smith).  

Anyways, they have a section of their site called Blogdome, where they pull news from fans blogs.  One of the features of Blogdome is their Best of.  They take each sports team and list their top three blogs for each.  When I read they were doing the Bears next, I was kind of hoping, but I knew that I haven't been around awhile, so I was hoping I might slide into 3rd and maybe 2nd, but to my surprise this site has landed in 1st.  The blurb they did about the site was quite shocking, so I am going to put it up here, so if I am out and about and start thinking I must have imagined it I can come back and check.

1. Windy City Gridiron. One of our favorite blogs of any team, in any sport. On top of all the Bears issues, including the prospect of Terrell Owens joining the team, which, surprisingly, many Bears fans seem to be for

Deadspin is becoming quite big in a pop culture way.  People are referencing them in interviews with journalists, they have fan signs showing up on sports TV shows.  

I appreciate the shout out.