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About time to wind it up

With my Bears/Panthers breakdown coming tomorrow and enough with the back patting I did last entry, I figure it is time to start putting out some game day stuff.  Here is Nathaniel Whalen's of the Daily Southtown take on the need for rookie QB Orton to actually win a game as opposed to not loose it.

Not losing a game is a very different task for an NFL quarterback than winning one.

Thus far, the Bears have asked rookie Kyle Orton to not lose games. His role is to hand off to the team's trio of running backs, avoid throwing costly interceptions, keep the defense out of big holes and -- on the rare occasion -- make a play with his throwing arm.

Though his 61.8 passer rating ranks 31st in the 32-team NFL, Orton has for the most part done just what the Bears wanted, and they have a 6-3 record to show for it.

But that game plan may have to change Sunday, when the Bears face the Carolina Panthers (7-2), who have the league's No. 2 rushing defense and an offense that is fourth in the NFL in scoring (27.8 points per game).

To find the end zone and keep pace, the Bears may need Orton to beat the Panthers' 21st-ranked passing defense and revive the record-setting arm he showed off at Purdue.

In other words, the Bears may need Orton to win the game.

It's no secret at some point, somebody is goint to shut down our run game.  When that happens it is time for Orton to step up.  He is a rookie, but he now has 9 games under his belt.  It is not too much to ask that he starts having some better games along with those rookie games we keep forgiving him for.