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Dr. Z eats crow and then needs to eat ****!

It is no secret Dr. Z from Sports Illustrated is a putz.  His predictions are usually so way off base that that guy at the bus stop at the end of my street dressed like Wonder Woman who keeps yelling "Show me the money!" couldn't make heads or tails out of them.  This year got to me a bit more than usual.  He picked the Bears as the worst team in the NFL.  Even if he didn't think much of them, he had to assume they would be better than the Niners, Miami and possibly the Browns.  So now, here is what he says in his mid season wrap up.

Everyone said I was nuts to pick the Bears to go 3-13. They were right. Nuts. Do you know what was firmly in my mind? That miserable Thanksgiving Day game, when the offensive line was a disaster and quarterbacks kept getting knocked over like tenpins, and they weren't that good, even when upright. Rex Grossman got hurt this year, the O-line showed no real improvement. I didn't care if the defense still was good, it wouldn't cover. OK, the 6-3 record makes me look like an idiot, but let's see what happens when the good teams appear on the schedule.

The proper way to express that you were a complete idiot is not by saying that you were wrong and then use the rest of your time to continue bashing that team.  Seriously, you used one game from last year to form an opinion on a team for the entire next season???  Then of course to prove that he totally didn't blow it he is going to wait until after the rest of the season and hope the Bears finish 6-10, so he can say that he wasn't that far off.  Come on, man up!  You work for freaking SI, well so does Jay Mohr, so I guess that isn't a exactly a good thing, but you get the point.  

I thought Houston might make the playoffs this year, I even considered thinking that the Cardinals might.  I can own up to it.