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Rex back on the field

As much as I have been encouraged by the job rookie QB Kyle Orton has done, I still feel better having Rex Grossman as an option.  I have nothing against Jeff Blake, but I would rather have somebody who might be arounf longer than a year running the team.

From Bear Scout:

Grossman didn't go through the entire practice, but did run seven-on-seven drills with the scout team. While he's still not 100 percent, being able to work with the team is a big step.

"I had a great day today," Grossman said. "I felt like I was somewhat normal. When I have pain it feels like I have a bruise on the side of my leg. When I have to really push off, it feels like I have a bad bruise on the side of my leg, but it's not that bad.

"It was just fun today to get out there and throw to receivers and get back in the mix."