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So much more pretty

Here is the blurb has on the Carolina/Chicago game.  Pretty much what I said, it just always seems to come out better when they write it.

What happens if the Bears take away Smith? Everyone is talking about how the Bears have only faced one top offense this season. What everyone seems to be ignoring is that the Panthers have only played one top defense this season. Granted, the Panthers beat up on the Buccaneers back in week nine when Steve Smith had five receptions for 106 yards and a touchdown. However, Lovie Smith's defense has been outstanding this year and will enter this contest looking to shut down Smith. Other teams have managed to do that this season, but the Panthers still managed to win thanks to their ground game. The Bears have only allowed two rushing touchdowns all season, so we're not expecting much from Stephen Davis. It will be interesting to see if Jake Delhomme can find his other wideouts if the Bears take away Smith and keep the ground attack in check.