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Bears go an get their respect

I could have titled this post 'Bears tame the Panthers' or 'Bears cage Carolina', but I refuse to fall to their level.  I am also not going to make this a reveiw piece.  By now you have either seen the game, the highlights or read the stories, so you know what happened.  What I want to speak briefly on is about how the Bears bandwagon had to rent a trailer now.  

Journalists and Sportscasters alike are jumping all over the Bears jock staps now.  They are even mentioning the Super Bowl and well they should since nobody in the NFC, besides the Bears seem all that interested in winning.  It is now a universal phenom now to push the Bears, so much so that I believe Fox is leading with the Bears and Bucs next week, but since I live in Skins country I likely won't get it.

Just a few game notes.  I feel the need to point out the game that Justin Gage had.  As well as the  8 sacks that all came from the line.

Give me your opinions or thoughts on whatever it is that is on your mind this morning.