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Vashar making the most out of oppurtunities

I read a story yesterday talking about how Azumah's neck problems actually turned out being a blessing in disguise for the Bears.  It forced the coaching staff to see how good Vashar is.  I remember last year thinking signing Azumah should be our top priority this off season, because he is our best ball hawk and play maker.  Vashar has made me change my mind.  I think loosing guys like Azumah and Green would be bad overall for our defense, but you can't have starter money only coming in on nickle situations.  We will just have to find some quality pick ups somewhere else.

Either way, I thought maybe it is time to throw some love Vashar's way.

Here is a piece on his performance last week from

Vasher is now tied for the NFL lead with six interceptions. He is at a loss to explain how he could have 11 interceptions in 25 career games.

"It's a special gift. I don't know how to explain it," he said. "I just know I try to go out and work hard at practice and try to improve and be the best at practice. Whenever I get a chance to go out and play defense, especially against a premier receiver like Steve Smith, I want to up my game. I want to get out there. Our defense wants to get out there and show everybody what we really truly are.