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Orton and more

I was going to post this article from The Chicago Sun-Times for the reason that it lays a case for this being Orton's best game, but it also has a number of other good bits in it, so I am going grab some snipits from it.

The numbers did not bear it out, but Kyle Orton had his finest performance Sunday in the Bears' 13-3 victory over the Carolina Panthers.

Orton completed only 15 of 26 passes for 136 yards, but the numbers would have been significantly better if not for five dropped passes, including one by Muhsin Muhammad in the end zone. Orton connected with Muhammad for a three-yard touchdown, and when he was intercepted by Ricky Manning Jr., the ball deflected off Muhammad, though it appeared to be tipped first at the line of scrimmage.

"We think he had his best game," coach Lovie Smith said. "He really played well, putting the ball in a position where it could be caught."

Obviously as a QB your numbers improve based on talent you have around you and as long as Gage continue what he has done the last two games his, Orton's and Muhammad's number will improve.

Other stuff:

AIR TIME: The Bears have until Wednesday to promote rookie wide receiver Airese Currie from the non-football injury list or leave him off the 53-man roster for the remainder of the season. He would provide a speed element that is lacking, but working his way back from a pulled left hamstring, he might not be ready to step in.

The Bears have multiple options to create a roster space if they choose to promote Currie. If Grossman can function as a No. 3 quarterback, Kurt Kittner could be let go. The team is carrying an extra offensive lineman in Steve Edwards, and cornerback Daven Holly has yet to be active on game day.

Then there's the situation involving wide receiver Bernard Berrian. He's wearing a soft cast on his right thumb, but the injury has healed faster than expected and he could return as a more experienced speed threat in a few weeks. Berrian also could go on injured reserve to create room for Currie.

Kyle Orton has not been sacked in the last two games. The last time the Bears went consecutive games without allowing a sack was Dec. 2 and 9, 2001. They allowed only 17 sacks that season, two more than they did in 1995, the last season offensive coordinator Ron Turner was with the team.