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Ogunleye/Booker trade- Looking Back

This is a post from looking back at the trade that brought Wale to the Bears for our then best receiver Marty Booker and a thrid round draft pick.

Since going to Miami, Booker has 74 receptions and just two touchdowns in 25 games. He never had the speed to scare an opposing defense. Considering the pounding he took to catch balls over the middle, it appears it's starting to catch up with the seven-veteran. He hasn't come close to matching his production of 197 receptions from 2001-02.

Thanks to the trade, the Bears have one of the best front fours in football, while the team has filled Booker's shoes through the free agent addition of Muhammad.

While we all knew that Booker wasn't truly a number one, but more of a only option type of receiver, Booker played hard and served us well and for that most of us enjoyed having him on our team. Now I beleive Miami knew they were getting the short end of the stick, but because of cap issues had to unload Ogunleye, but to be fair to Booker to just write off his stats to age is way unfair.  He is on a team that thought that AJ Feeley, Philly's thrid string QB and the QB who couldnt' beat out Koy Detmer for the backup role, was a legit NFL QB.  Then they had no choice to go to Ferotte, a journeyman who while more than capable in a talented offense, isn't they type of player who can overcome deficencies all over the field.