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Fifth time is a charm

Bears legend, Richard Dent, is once again one of the 25 finalists to enter the Hall of Fame.  The fact that he is not in is more a testament to the quality of players who are also eligible as opposed to him.  Again, this year sees Troy Aikman and Reggie White, so since it is likely they will both go and the Hall usually likes to go back an grab an old timer, it is possible he won't make it again.

Dent will be in the HOF, even if it means going in by being voted by the Committe after your eligibility runs out, but it would be a shame if he didn't get voted in on his merit alone.

ormer Bears defensive end Richard Dent was announced as one of 25 modern-era semifinalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame today.

Dent, the Bears' all-time sack leader and the Super Bowl XX Most Valuable Player, is in his fourth year of eligibility. He has been a Hall of Fame semifinalist each of the last three years and reached finalist status in each of the last two years.