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Sportsnation chat

A friend sent me this bit from a Sportsnation chat. Chris Neubauer is a Chicago guy, so this is a bit homer, but you can't really argue with that.

Derek (NYC): Why are you so hung up on the Bears? The Panthers are way more talented.

SportsNation Chris Neubauer : (4:42 PM ET ) Talent means nothing if you don't win. They were dominated 13-3 on Sunday. Did you watch the game? The Panthers didn't have an off-game. The Bears' dominated. The Panthers can't run the ball and their defense can only produce one (cheap turnover) and no sacks vs. a rookie QB. Yes, the Panthers will win the NFC South. But, no, they aren't better than the Bears. If the Bears offense was any better, they would have won that game 30-3.

Steve (Ca): Tough words on the Panthers Chris. Why don't you marry the Bears if you like them so much?

SportsNation Chris Neubauer : (4:48 PM ET ) I just don't understand why nobody gives the Bears any credit. They have the best D in the league and are a top five team running the ball behind a very talented O-line. Last time I checked, you win games in the NFL by running the ball well and playing good defense. Am I missing something here?

Jime (SC): The bears dominated nothing. Steve Smith- 14 rec. 169 yds. Wow, they did alot. Moron.

SportsNation Chris Neubauer : (5:00 PM ET ) How many touchdowns did Steve Smith score? Exactly. 14 for 169 means nothing unless you get some points.