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Just an update on how things are going to be working over the holiday weekend and into next week.

Obviously, I will be doing the whole family thing tomorrow, so probably no updates then.  Friday, I will be posting as normal.

Monday, my wife and I are expecting our second little Bears fan, so definitely no posting then.  I will try my best to get an after the game post up Sunday night.  The rest of that week I will be posting, but do not know how much.

Now, onto stuff that matters to you more.  Another sports blog I read does this each week and I thought I would give it a try.  Leave what you think the score to the Bears/Bucs game will be and whoever is closes wins the oppurtunity to put up a post on the main page.  I know, I know not the most exciting thing, but if you read the beginning of this post you would have read about my new kid, so I don't have the loot to offer cool things.  The topic of the post can be anything you want relating to the Bears.  As long as it is in good taste and semi-decent grammar, once you mail it to me I will put it up.

Have a great holidays.