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Bears move to 8-3

This could have been a bad Sunday for me.  I made a couple of fantasy football moves based on recent performances that saw me move Leftwich and Chris Brown into my lineup just to see both go down in the first quarter.  Meanwhile, the Bucs were moving the ball on us for the second straight drive.  With some stout red zone defense and a missed FG, the Bears managed to pull out the win.

Obviously, I have to start by talking about the monster game Alex Brown had.  He recorded 2 tackles, 2 sacks, five hurries, three other hits on Simms, four pass deflections and a forced fumble.  This D-line is becoming one for the ages.  If Brown keeps this up, deciding which to double team, Brown or Ogunleye, becomes a pick your posion situation for teams.  Not to mention that the more you move outside the more Boone, Johnson and Harris are going to hit you inside.  I was hoping Urlacher would put up huge sack numbers, but with the way the line is playing they don't need him to do all that much blitzing.  Much like the Carolina game the Bears dominated for all but two drives.  Those two drives almost lost us the game, but they managed to pull through.  

That brings us to the next point.  Seriously, I am not enough of an expert and don't know what happens in practice and in meetings, but it is way past due that this offense start putting some points on the board.  Some time some offense is going to drop 17 points on us, we have to be able to get in the end zone more than once a game.

This is the second straight 'test' game that the Bears have passed.  I would normally call for a serious focus as a trap game could be coming, but there is no excuse for a lack in focus with the Packers coming to Solider Field.

I was surprised to see Wade on the field after he fumbled another ball.  Let us just hope Curry is as fast as they say and can help out this year sometime or at least next year, so we can cut this bum loose.