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Grading Out

Scoring the positions.  From



The Bears (8-3) earned no style points for this win, but a win on the road against a team with a 7-3 record is a huge stepping stone. They kept their lead over the Vikings (6-5) who won again and appear to be gaining momentum. The removal of Wade from punt returns was long overdue. On offense, the pass to Gilmore was excellent, as was the screen pass to Jones. The growing involvement of Adrian Peterson has been a positive, and steps to increase his reps should be taken. On defense, the rotation on the line continues to wear down opposing offensive lines. The Bears have not been as aggressive of late when it comes to blitzing, but they haven't needed to be. They set the tempo for the game, and when Tampa was gaining momentum as it ended, they rose up to the challenge to put them away. GRADE: B