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Gage is the man

For the third time we are left wondering whether Justin Gage is the man for the Bears.  Gage had a very good year his rookie season catching 17 balls for 338 yards and 2 TDs.  Things looked good.  Then Terry Shea entered the picture and decided that Gage did not fit his system.  A 6' 4" speedster not fitting into your system makes you question the system, but instead we sat through Bobby Wade as Gage slowly moved down the bench.  Gage had 156 yards and 0 TDs last year.  This year brought new hope and a new offensive coordinator.  Gage was promoted to the #2 wide receiver next to free agent signee Mushin Muhammad.  Gage showed nothing in preseason, but the coaches assured us he was as good as any receiver in practice and it would come.  By game three this year Gage had 2 receptions for 31 yards and was sent back to the bench to make room for star in the making Mark Bradley.  Bradley had his best game of his young career this past week going for 88 yards, but he also had his first season ending injury.  With Bernard Berrian also on the injury list, we are back to Gage as the number 2 receiver.  We can all hope that Gage can find whatever it was he had his firtst season, but somehow I just don't have that same hope.