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Mariotti confuses an entire Bears Nation

During the train wrecks that were the Bears last however many seasons, one thing we have always depended on was Jay Mariotti of the Chicago Sun-Times to tell us how bad they sucked in a not so eloquent terms.  However, good ol Jay pulled a 180 and talked about the Bears growing as a team.

Instead, an amazing transformation happened Sunday atop the NFL's most comical division. The Bears maintained their poise, waited for the Lions to discombobulate and won in overtime...

The point is one that I have also mentioned.  In two straight weeks the Bears have done something playoff teams do.  They beat teams they should beat(Ravens) and they find a way to win when put into tough situations(Lions).  In the past the Bears would have collapsed, lost and then complained about the Maraucci reversed TD by Hillenmeyer.

So now Mariotti is on our side.  What the hell do we do with that?  Is that even a good thing?  Should we loose to the Saints just to make him dislike us again?  I will keep you updated if there is a unwanted Mariotti Effect as the season progresses.