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Muhammad frustrated

Star free agent pick up Mushin Muhammad is frustrated with his current situation with the Bears.  His number are more than half less than what he had acheived while at Carolina last year.

While I feel for him and I understand his this has to be hard on him, let's get one thing straight.  Half of his problem with getting the ball is his own fault.  Sure Orton has been having a hard time with the home run ball, overthrowing receivers deep a few times a game. What isn't being mentioned is the Muhammad is dropping 2-3 balls a game.  That doesn't sound like a Pro Bowl receiver we signed to a 30 million dollar contract.  

I am sure everything will work out.  Orton is getting better and will start hitting more targets, but maybe you should handle your own business before you start poking your nose in other people's.

The one thing I do like is the way Muhammad is going about it.  He is showing his frustration, but he isn't attacking Orton or the play calling.  He understands it will take some time.

"He's coming along," Muhammad said of Orton afterward. "But he missed some plays; he made some plays. It's just the growing pains of having a rookie in there. Every rookie that I have ever seen turn into a good quarterback has had good and bad days, good and bad plays."

Moose knew what he was getting into.  It was not like Rex Grossman was lighting in up before he went down, so Muhammad knew the situation.