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Guest Post

Chad, winner of last weeks You pick the score contest, uses his oppurtunity on the front page to convince you that the Bears can win the Super Bowl and take out Indy on the way.

Something occurred to me on Sunday afternoon; The
Bears can win the Superbowl.  Yes, I said it, the
Bears can win the Superbowl.

Im; not saying that they will.  I feel very confident that they will make the playoffs.  And judging by the win Sunday, I feel even more confident that there is no team in the NFC that we CAN'T beat.  (Double negative, I know.)  Any win in is a good win in the NFL and any road win in the NFL is a GREAT win.  And to go to Tampa Bay and beat a VERY GOOD Bucs team says a TON.  It says that we can go to the toughest of  environments and win.  Just like say.... Seattle.  As I watched the Seattle/New York game on Sunday, I realized that New York's defense is not as good as ours.  And Seattle doesn't have very good receivers. We can play with them.  We can beat them.

Which brings me to my next point...

The 1999 NFC Championship Game.  The "Greatest Show on Turf" lost that day if not for a blown reversal of a caught ball by Bert Emanuel and a miracle catch by Ricky Proehl.  (The NFL later made a rule change because of that Emanuel ruling.)  Mind you, this game was played in a dome in St. Louis and this unstoppable offensive force was held to 11 points as they eeked out a victory over the 'over matched' Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

What's my point?  My point is that we can beat the

How?  Let's take a look at the Bengals game from
earlier this year.  We could have won that game.  5 interceptions gave the Bengals great field position the entire game.  With out those picks, they probably would have only scored 13 points (in my estimation).
We put too much pressure on the defense and there is no way to hold down that team after 5 turnovers.  The Colts defense looked like Swiss cheese in comparison.  And that was only game 2 for us.  Kyle Orton's second professional game.  He's better now.  And this team has gelled.

Next, while I feel that this Bear's defense is as good or better than that 1999 Bucs D, I think that
Manning's offense is not as good as Warner's.  Sure you would take Manning over Warner (Warner was the MVP that year, don't forget) but that's all.  In 1999 Marshall Faulk put up one of the greatest all around seasons every for a RB.  So I think he was better than Edge is today.  Couple that with the fact that I would take 1999 Torry Holt/Issac Bruce/Ricky Proehl over Harrison/Wayne/Clark.

Not to mention that if we meet them there (in the
Superbowl), it would be a neutral field.

But I've gotten ahead of myself.  Let's just beat the hell out of the Pack on Sunday and let Chicago say goodbye to Brett Favre in the harshest way possible.

Go Bears!!!!