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Bears vs. Saints


Chicago Bears (4-3)

TR- -1(T-16th)    

New Orleans/San Antonio/Los Angeles Saints (2-6)

TR- -12(32nd)

PS-Points Scored,PA-Points Allowed,TO-Total Offense,TD-Total Defense,TR-Turnover Ratio

Break down after the jump.

The game in a few weeks against Pittsburgh doesn't scare me.  The two games coming up against Green Bay don't worry me, but this game does.  I know what I will get from those teams, but the Saints.  I don't know about them.  This team doesn't know what it wants to be.  One game they are the dysfunctional team that we have been used to, but one of these days they are going to play a game that matches the talent they have.  Let's just hope it isn't this game.

On Offense

Kyle Orton and Offensive Coordinator Ron Turner have been making strides in the passing game.  Orton has had two of his best games against two good defenses(Ravens(2nd),Lions(9th)).  Expect the Bears to continue the trend of going deep early.  They are trying to get Orton and Muhammad into a rythm early.  It also loosens up the passing D and opens up the intermediate passing lanes where the Bears do most of their passing.  The Saints don't particularly have a great run stopping defense, so expect Jones to continue running like the Pro Bowler he is playing like.  Benson should also get some time.  I think 200 yds and 1 TD would be a good bet for Orton.

On Defense

Do I really need to go through this again?  Chicago is a smothering, ball hawking defense.  The Saints have no run game to speak of, so the front four will be looking to get to Aaron Brooks early and often to throw their offense off.  With Horn still banged up, the Bears should be OK with their base coverage.  Stallworth can be a danger, but he can be be knocked off the line early and will dissapear.

On Special Teams

Wade and Azumah have been taking turns on who is running better.  If the pattern continues, look for Wade to have the big day.


The Bears should dominate this game, but a game dominated by the Bears doesn't equal a blow out.  I would guess something around 20-13.