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Gould is not Good

OK, to be fair that title is misleading, but it is too prove a point.  I am happy that rookie kicker Robbie Gould is coming around.  The two misses he has are a 47 yarder in the rain and wind at Solider field and a 47 yarder yesterday on field that even the Saint admit was horrible.  He did hit his first game winning field goal.  While I hope that we don't need to depend on our kicker to win the game as much as we normally do, I do hope he continues to have success, but this brings up a problem.  For somebody like me, who combs every article I can find on the Bears looking for a new and fresh perspective or an interesting bit I hadn't known or read before, Gould is bad for business.

If you frequent news journalists and the like for your news, you know that they are in love with having catchy little titles.  "Bears Bearly Win" or in the Bulls heydays "UnBULLevable".  Just this morning I have read at least 6 articles that had some form of "Gould is Good" or "Gould is Gold" or a "A Gould Win".  I'm happy that the kid is getting his name in print, but that is just seriously lazy and annoying.  If you can't think of something a little different, then just go with what happened.  "Bears Win" or "Bears Get Victory" would suffice.