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NFL Related

OK, not much going on Bearswise, so I thought I would hit a few other topics.  

My wife is a Peyton Manning fan, so I generally keep up on the Colts, so I can keep her updated and get more football talk in.  When the Colts went 1-0, 3-0,7-0 everybody kept saying wait until they beat the Pats.  Well, the destroyed the Patriots in every phase of the game and now all I am hearing is "Well, it wasn't the same Patriots team", and the question "Are the Colts for real?" keeps coming up.  They are 8 and freakin 0.  How more real can they be?  What team that isn't undefeated are you thinking is better than the Colts?  Sure, there are teams that can compete, but that doesn't mean this Colts team isn't the real deal.

Quickly on the TO thing.  Obviously, I give most of the blame to Owens, if he didn't say it or do it then it wouldn't be an issue, but seriously I am sick and tired of ESPN deciding what happens to players.  If ESPN didn't replay every press conference or reprint every quote 6 times on 10 different shows, we don't have a problem here.  TO is only a pest because the media lets him.  When TO was in his driveway doing situps.  I didn't see it on any other channel for more than 2 seconds.  I think ESPN came up with a separate channel just for it.  TOPN or something.

I am assuming that ESPN has money to pay a few web  designers.  Why is it that they have what has to be the most hideous site I have ever seen?  Hasn't anybody ever heard of less is more?  How about a little simplicity?  What's more, I am sick of that quarter screen graphic that pops up everytime I go there.  I have to wait for it to close to get to the NFL link and if I click on something else, the ad goes away and shifts the screen and I end up on the hockey page.

I take part in about 5-6 fantasy football league a year.  Only two this year are really important.  I usually use the others to test different draft theories and see what works best for me.  Two years ago, I won on my work league, with Matt Hasselbeck as my QB. I picked him up in the 8th round.  Last year, I again went with MH, but I grabbed him in the 4th and I finished 4th.  I figured even though I have always been a stud RB draft proponent my season always seems to go with my QB, so this year I took Manning in the 1st.  I am sitting third in my division at 4-3.  Manning finally won a game for me this week.  However, on the other leauge I went a different route and am running a three man rotation at QB with Collins, Brees and Burnell and am in 1st place at 7-2. This mess is really going to screw me up figuring out which way I want to go next year.