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Jones Questionable

After two decent showings from rookie running back Cedric Benson, you know Thomas Jones would sacrafice a live chicken if he thought it would make him able to go next Sunday against the 49ers.  Problem is it might not be his decision.

Benson is starting to show flashes of what the Bears drafted him for and Adrian Peterson also showed the ability to move the ball.  

'We'll rest Thomas if we just don't feel like he's ready to go,'' Smith said. ''Last week, we thought he was ready to go. Each game we're going to go with our best team, the best one we feel can help us win.''

Rookie Cedric Benson and Adrian Peterson proved they can help the team win. Peterson had six carries for 58 yards at New Orleans, with a six-yard touchdown run, and Benson got the bulk of his 79 yards on the game-winning drive.

''Two weeks having the same problem, yeah, we'll probably lean [toward resting Jones] since we do have the guys,'' Smith said. ''But Thomas will play if he's ready to go physically. We'll never put him out there if he's not.''

The 49ers are the 23rd ranked defense, so if Coach Smith thinks it more important to have Jones ready for after this game when the schedule gets much more difficult, this is the game to do it.  The 49ers are playing tough on defense despite the numbers, so it is not a gimme that Benson and Peterson will be able to run over them.