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More on Edwards and a classic Charlie Steiner line

I would like to say that I am posting this article because it gives a reason for why FB Marc Edwards was released.  That reason being that the Bears like all three fullbacks, but Johnson was obviously their starter, plus Johnson and McKie were useful elsewhere, but


The move is a testament to management's confidence in Bryan Johnson rather than any dissatisfaction with Edwards.

Both Johnson and McKie caught two touchdown passes last season and also play special teams.

I would be lying.  The real reason is that the title of this article is "Benson folloiwng Johnson to daylight" reminds me of one of my favorite all-time 'This is SportsCenter" commericals.  It was the one where they were testing out the systems in preperation for they who Y2K bug.  At the end Charlie Steiner had his necktie tied around his head and he said "Follow me!  Follow me to freedom!"