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Bears vs. Steelers

Sorry, for the late post.  I had to take the wife and kid to the doctor for some checkups.  

While Fox decided I needed to see Snow Day instead of the Bears and Steelers I did not get to see the game.  Instead I had the awful Colts/Jags tilt.

There seems to be two schools of thought here.  First, being the the Bears just got outclassed and unfourtunately that is the line of thought all the analysts will take, so we can expect to hear about that for the rest of the year, seeing as we don't face another AFC team.  The second, which is the one most Bears supporters are taking, which is take this as a wake up call.  Maybe Lovie/Turner will finally get it through their heads that you have to have offense.  Eventaully, some team will get through your defense regardless of who they are.  You need to be able to put 20-25 on the board in any given game.

I would like to think that this would be what the Bears needed and next week versus the Falcons we would see a bit more aggressvie offense, but hey this is the Bears, when was the last time they did anything in mid season that actually helped out team?