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Moose is becoming TO lite

Chicago receiver Mushin Muhammad has never come out and just said that Kyle Orton sucks or isn't very good the way that Terrell Owens did with Donavan McNabb, but he has been taking small pot shots at the rookie QB all year and then ends them with ", but he is a rookie and that is what you get with rookies."  


"I made some plays on some balls that came my way," Muhsin Muhammad said. "But I really don't care about the balls; it's all about wins in this game. You can catch a lot of balls, but if you don't win the game, the team doesn't really move forward.

"We took a step back today, and it's not really about what Muhsin Muhammad does out there on the field. At some point in time, we're going to have to have a little more offense to be able to come back in situations like this."

I don't really know what the relationship between KO and Moose is, but it doesn't seem to be all that hot.  Looking through the league the best QB/WR combos are the ones who can put aside differences and put in the time together to acheive that success as a unit.  Think Marin Harrison/Peyton Manning or Carson Palmer/Chad Johnson.  Maybe instead of trying to slip the barbs into otherwise useless quotes, get out on the field after practice and run a ton of routes with Orton.  Maybe sit down and explain to him what you are seeing.  Perhaps that would help him to know when it is a good time to throw to him and when it is not.

Of course, for all I know he might have tried and KO wasn't buying it or they have done all this and it hasn't helped, but it doesn't seem like Moose is much into the teacher role that he said he was when the Bears brought him on board.