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Everybody doesn't hate the Bears

With the Bears embarrasing loss to Pittsburgh it seemed the entire world jumped off the bandwagon.  Today on the Cowherd show he had Trey Wingo and March Schlareth appearing.  Cowherd mentioned that Atlanta was favored in Chicago, in awful weather, with a banged up Vick and thought that was awful disrespectful.  This is some paraphrased things that were said.

  • Chicago's defense is playing with hurt feelings.  They need to put 8 in the box, blitz every down and hit Vick every chance they can.  If Vick can avoid that pressure and beat you with his arm, so be it.
  • It was one game.  You don't discount a team based on one performance.
  • Orton hasn't played great, but he isn't as bad as you think.  I (Schlareth) can give you 12 straight pass plays where Orton put the ball where it needed to be, but the receivers have a defender in their hip pocket every time.
It is this last one I wanted to mention.  I knew you could probably add 50 yards to Orton's passing totals every game if you counted all the dropped passes, but I suppose I hadn't seen enough games to realzie that the receviers are getting absolutely no seperation.  I thought back to watching the Colts for the 80 billiionth time this year and even though Harrison is one of the best receivers in the game at least once per game he seems to catch a TD or long bomb where there isn't a defender within 10 feet of him.  So, maybe to add to Orton being a rookie and learning a new system and having some bad playcalling you can add poor receiver play, Muhammad included, to Orton's problems.