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Atlanta Falcons vs. Chicago Bears


Chicago Bears (9-4)





Atlanta (8-5)





PS-Points Scored,PA-Points Allowed,TO-Total Offense,TD-Total Defense,TR-Turnover Ratio

Most will say this is a must win game for the Bears, but while it is a very important game it isn't must win.  However, I am sending a personal plea to the Bears to whoop on the Falcons fairly solid.  If anything just to make those fool sports analysts look foolish one more time, but more importantly for us fans.  Give us a little something to work with.  

On Offense

Have one.  I don't care if you have to put in 8 receivers, at some point we have to make another team respect the passing game.  Thomas Jones and Adrain Peterson, while having good years are getting hammered against fronts setup to specifically stop them.  Berrian has speed, Moose has height and a good jump, use them and don't stop.  Just because you throw a 50 yarder to Moose in the first quarter, doesn't mean the other team is going to drop guys back if you dont' try to go deep again.

On Defense

Hit Vick.  Every sign in the stadium should be crossed out and should have that written on it to remind the defense.  He is fast, but he is also banged up.  Just let him know if he doesn't get rid of the ball early or he decides to scramble it is going to hurt.  We have the guys to do, so stop playing patty cake and get to work.

Specail Teams

John Tait ran the 40 in 7.5 seconds.  Sounds like a winner to me.

Overall, there is not reason the Bears can't win this game, even handily, but as always this is the Bears and they love nothing more than a close game, so when this turns out to be a 12-10 game nobody will be surprised.