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Official Petition

With the success(somewhat)that Bernard Berrian had returning punt returns, I am dropping my John Tait petition.  I am however starting a new one.  Move Minnesota to LA, reorder the divisions and include Atlanta in the North.  I know it really doesn't fit, but the rivalry that Urlacher and Vick have going is too good not to see every year.  A good rivalry is one in which you just can't forget what happend good or bad in the game.  I can remember most of the Bears/Packers games for the last 10 years.  The only memory I have of a Bears/Vikings game is the Tillman strip of Moss.  However, if we talk about Atlanta, I remember the when Urlacher lept over a defender landed rigth next to Vick, stood up and sacked him.  I remember in a pregame show somebody gave Vick a Vick and Urlacher action figure and asked him to explain what would happen and he put Urlacher laying down and him running over him and of course who could forget the Urlacher fumble recovery with the head nod to the Falcons cheerleaders?  Add in a few of the highlights from last night and I am willing to let the Vikings go.  I would let Detroit, but we really need a patsy in that division for some easy wins.