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Fantasy Talk

Since there is little to no news I thought I might switch the topic to Fantasy Football.

I play in two leagues.  In the main one(ESPN), I barely slipped into the top 4, so I still have a shot at the championship.  I knocked off the #1 seed and start the championship game this week.  Problem, is I just lost LaMont Jordan and I have Peyton Manning, so I am stuck trying to figure out an official word on how long they plan on playing him; otherwise, I have to go with Burnell.  Not exactly the guy I want running my squad with the title on the line.

In the second league(Fleaficker), despite loosing Priest Holmes and Terrell Owens I an the #1 seed coming in with a 11 game win streak.  Again I lose Jordan.  I also lost my starting QB which was Kurt Warner.  I will be playing Thomas Jones and Drew Brees in their place.

So how are your leagues going.  If I remember or one of you do, next year we can start a WCG league with just us Bears players.  Should be some fun.