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Another Cry Baby Viking

As the normal the Vikings are crying about something.  This time useless defensive tackle Pat Williams thinks Olin Kruetz is part of some big conspiracy to stop Williams from going to the Pro Bowl, by calling other players and blackballing him.

The Chicago Sun-Times

Those comments set off Kreutz, who started ahead of Minnesota's Matt Birk in last season's Pro Bowl.

"When [Williams] talks nonsense about me like that, I can respond in so many ways," Kreutz said. "I can attack him. I can call him a fat slob. I can tell him he has never made the Pro Bowl. I can say all of this stuff. Then his stupid agent comes out and says I am manipulating Pro Bowl votes. Like I actually know that many people.

"Obviously, if everyone likes you, you're probably doing something wrong. I'm glad there is someone out there that hates my guts. It makes me feel good about myself."