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User Submission

Chad's user post for winning the score prediction contest.

Oh my, oh my.  I'm setting records already.  Three time contest winner?  Just call me Chadstrodamus.

Its hard for me to put together a whole post.  If I could do this easier, I would have my own blog.  But hey!  It's an honor, so I have to bring it, right?  So instead of focusing on just one aspect I would like to do a more free form, stream of consciousness posting.

Love Smith.  At first I was totally skeptical.  We had just hired the defensive coordinator from the team that was known for offense.  How stupid an idea, I thought.  Not to mention that this guy was an assistant to a great defensive coach not the defensive coach when he was at Tampa Bay.  But boy was I wrong on that.  Thank you Lovie.  You have built this team into the team we expect and love in Chicago.  We should call you Dr. Frankenstein for you have re-animated the Monsters of the Midway.

Are you Bear fans like me and think that football should be run, run it again, run it again, maybe at this point if the run isn't working THINK about passing the ball but run anyway?  (RunAllDay, who signs his posts with "Run it down their throats" has to agree).  Or do you guys like "high powered" offenses that never seem to win it all (The Rams were a fluke, the Bucs were cheated and the Rams played over 13 games in a dome).

Speaking of running, when we signed Thomas Jones, I felt we finally had a good RB who was good enough to win games.  Then we drafted Ced Benson.  Do you guys agree about Jones or were you all wanting a big early 1st round guy.  Sure, I would love to have Ricky Williams II but you never know about a 21 year old kid and what he'll turn into.  I wanted Mike Williams.  I still would have taken him.

Don't you LOVE Olin Kreutz?

I still think that Orton will have a better career than Rx Grossman (typo intentional.  Get it?)  But  I think that Grossman is the right guy to finish the season.  While I was very vocal about not switching QBs, it was for two reasons.  1. Don't mess with a streak and 2. If you just start Grossman, who knows how rusty he could be.  If we lost that Atlanta game, we would still be playing for the playoffs.  But Rx showed up and we know he's good to go.

My favorite athlete in the world is Brian Urlacher.  I was a charter member of his fan club, btw, and I'm gonna buy the Urlacher Fathead if we go to the Super Bowl.  I bought his jersey during his rookie year; I'm no bandwagon jumper.

Lastly, I was telling my wife, who likes sports (basketball and baseball but not football - and she knows very little about football, although I still tell her all about the Bears every week) about the situation the Bears were in.  That the next game against the Vikes was meaningless.  She says, "They should still let Grossman play, cause he needs the practice.  You just can't put him in for a game and a half and expect him to play well in the playoffs."  I turned to her, mouth agape, and said, that was a more informed take on football than you would hear on the Fox pregame show.

GO BEARS!!!  And a very Happy New Year to you all!!!!

And a Happy New Year to you as well.