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How about some love for the kicker?

I beleive Adam Sandler had a song awhile back talking about how nobody liked the kicker.  Well, in Chicago there is a whole defense that likes him.  Rookie kicker Robbie Gould has been the only Bears offensive player able to put points on the board recently.

Chicago Sun-Times

Gould's right leg proved to be all the offense they needed Sunday in their 19-7 victory over the Green Bay Packers at Soldier Field. He was 4-for-5, missing from 43 yards in the fourth quarter, and has been the team's most consistent weapon in the eight-game winning streak. Gould has made 13 of his last 16 and one of those misses was the wind-blown 39-yarder in the victory over San Francisco, a crazy kick that will be in NFL folly films for ages.

"That's pretty awesome,'' special teams coach Dave Toub said. "He's doing really well for us.''

It is almost hard to remember how bad Brien was earlier this season.