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Ebay at its best

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Seriously, sites like Deadspin make my job so much easier.  They are sure to find the good stories, so whenever a Detroit Lions fan decides to sell his loyalty I can just bring it on over.

My favorite parts from the auction.

If the final bid is $5.00 or more, I'll put a bumper sticker of my new NFL favorite team on my car (a Pontiac Vibe, not a FORD) and send the winning bidder a picture to prove it.

If 'the general manager of the Lions(MM)'  pays me $2,500 cash, I will end this auction early and remain a Lions fan. It could be his first guaranteed win of the season.

Mininum bid of $2,499 required for those wanting me to be a fan for the Browns, Ravens, Cardinals or Packers. Those are the teams the Lions managed to beat this year.