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Changing my mind

In the QB poll, I had up I voted to stick with Orton, but after reading this I am changing my mind.


"A win is a win," Kyle Orton said. "I don't think my passer rating is going up anytime soon, so I'm not going to really worry about that." Orton threw for 68 yards on 6-of-17 with a deflected interception. His passer rating was 23.7, his lowest since his worst game of the season against the Cincinnati Bengals, when he threw five interceptions and had a 14.7 rating.

I am all for the whole team first attitude.  A guy sacrificing personal accolades, so the team can get the best group on the field should always be commended, but a player should never shrug off bad play.  The Bears are winning, because of solid line play, a running game, and a top notch defense.  Orton should take this as an oppurtunity to try to get better.  He has the horses all around him to let him go for it now and again.  

When he first game in he rejected the term 'manager', but he seems to be all right with it now and to tell the truth he hasn't even been that good of one lately.

If anything he needs to worry about numbers because Coach Smith does and he has proven he will change guys up if he thinks it will help the team.

Bears coach Lovie Smith is usually a glass-half-full guy, especially when looking at his passing game, but Sunday he didn't see much to like. His comments about Orton's play can only fuel a quarterback controversy considering Rex Grossman will probably be healthy enough to be backup quarterback this week after healing from a broken ankle.

"The quarterback position . . . we need to play better at it," he said. "We dropped some balls early that could have led to big drives for us. We know we need to get going in our passing game."

I imagine some of the offense regardless of what they say are starting to talk to each other and are gettin quite tired of this.  I imagine there would at least be an initial boost if Grossman took over, not that he would be any better.