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State of the blog

OK, this is where you get to help shape the direction of this blog.  I had to wait until I actually had readers before I could ask this.  I just ported over how I ran my old Bears blog onto this one. Weed out all the dupliate stuff and hit the big news, while throwing in Bears related type stuff.

I am interested in your ideas for what type of stuff you would like to see here.  I know I have always wanted to get interviews, but not being in Chicago and having no connections, really doesn't look promising on that front; although, I have a few ideas that I might work toward.  

Would you rather see more peoples break down of upcoming games?  More of the same?  Fill me in, so we can make this site as fun and informative as possible.  

Also, remember if you have some info you think would be good for the site you can post it in the diary section or email it to me and I will put it up.  Thanks!