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Chicago Bears vs. Pittsburgh Steelers


Chicago Bears (9-3)

Pittsburgh (7-5)

PS-Points Scored,PA-Points Allowed,TO-Total Offense,TD-Total Defense,TR-Turnover Ratio

This is the media's newest most recent real challenge for the Bears.  They told us we would loose to Carolina, when we domiated them it was because they have an off day.  They told us we wouldn't be able to beat Tampa Bay because they have a similar defense, when we won it was only becuase of a missed field goal.  They told us Green Bay would beat us becuase they had history against us, when we beat them it was becuase of Favre not us.  Now they tell us it is Pittsburgh, well I tell them you are running out of teams to bandwagon against us.  We are 9-3 and all the media can do is rag on our offense.  The problem is this game is setup for the Bears to win.  

On offense

Our weakness could actually be a strong point for us this year.  By sending Moose long, he takes Troy Polamalu with him and that takes their best ballhawk and play maker out of the picture.  Orton is under a lot of pressure he needs a good game.  Hopefully, he doesn't force things and put us in a hole before Grossman would come in.  All he has to do is connect on some 10-15 yard passes.  That plus our running game should be enough to score a few.

On defense

Pittsburgh is only scoring 6 more points then us a game.  Our defense can take away that margin.  The key here is to get to Big Ben early and often.  He is hurt, you could see it after every play last week.  Get go him, knock him down.  Make him force passes to avoid the pressure.  He has shown recently that he will make mistakes if you force him to, we have the guys to do that.  Parker is the kind of running back that could take advantage of over persuing of the linebackers, but they hasn't missed much.  The speed of our LBs should help keep him contained.  If we can do that, Rothlesberger is in for a long day.

On special teams:

Bring in John Tait:)