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Calling all Draftniks

I am going to announce it right now,  I am a complete NFL Draft fool.  I read tons of web sites for news and rumors and I pour over mock drafts.  I can say for the past 5 years I have watched almost every minute, including the second day of the draft.

I have a few draft events planned that I wanted to let you in on, so you can prepare in whatever way you need to. This year, I am planning on doing a Mock Draft here on this site.  I am planning on opening it up to you, the readers, for participation.

I will handle the Bears pick and I am going to offer the teams of whatever SportsBlogs sites we have available at the time, to their authors and then I would open up the remaining teams to you.

It is not going to be way fancy.  Just a pick and why and what that team is hoping to accomplish with it.

You can express your intrest in the comment section, but nothing is official until we are much closer, and I have worked out the details on how I am going to handle it, but it will be a first come first serve basis.

Feel free to offer suggestions on how to handle things or on how to make the draft a successfull endeavor.
By the way, the first two mock drafts I have read have us taking Mercedes Lewis, TE, UCLA and the other Derek Hagan, WR, ASU.
I also at some point plan on doing a draft crunch. Closer toward the draft, I will go through as many mocks as I can and keep track of the players selected for the Bears. With a late pick, it should be interested.
Thirdly, I we will be holding a draft contest. You draft the entire first round, closest to correct wins, well probably nothing but an oppurtunity to post here and brag, but it will be fun either way.