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Eat Your Heart Out ESPN

Before there was Blitz the League and Playmakers there was 1st and Ten.  I don't know how many of you were old enough to remember this, but as a kid it was a show that as a big football fan I desperately wanted to watch, but due to some adult content the folks wouldn't let me.  Each week I would see the advertisments listing all the players who were going to appear and get all excited.  Then it was gone.  I hadn't heard a thing about for so long, I forgot it existed.  Well, the fine folks at Tango-Entertainment didn't.  They purchased the rights, printed it, packaged it and released it for all of us to watch.

While watching the first season, I couldn't help but have that fond nostalgic feel that you get when you think about Techmo Bowl.  The production value isn't that of Madden 2006. but there is something charming all the same.

I can't offer a full reveiw yet, as it will take some time to get through the full series, but I wanted to get this out there.

Does anybody else have any memories fond or otherwise of the series?