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More Mock Drafts

As I am sure you have noticed, Bears news is at a minimum right now.  Come on Free Agency!  Lucky for me, more and more mock drafts are available and since I read every one of them, why not post them.


26.    Chicago    Leonard Pope    TE    Georgia
The Bears' offense struggled again in 2005, mostly due to spotty QB play, but also owing to a lack of play-making ability at the skill positions. Incumbent TE Desmond Clark most likely won't be back in 2006, opening the way for Pope (6-6, 260). Pope is a big target with soft hands and good speed. He'll give Rex Grossman another weapon to work with.

From Inside the Eagles:

Chicago, Jason Allen, CB, Tenn

From Fantasy Football Jungle:

26.Chicago Bears Pope, Leonard, TE Georgia
      Has a team ever needed a tight end more than the Bears do this year? As Kansas City and San Diego have proven, a great running game, solid quarterback, and great tight end equal a great offense, even without spectacular receivers. While the jury is still out on Rex Grossman, Chicago has no tight end to speak of, and a playmaker at that position would relieve pressure on the entire rest of the team (especially Grossman). The Bears would be thrilled with any of the big three tight ends this year, and in this mock draft I have them going with Pope, who'd be a great short- and mid-range target for Grossman over the middle.

From VIPSports Edge:

26) Chicago: Vernon Davis, TE, Maryland (6-3, 253)

The Bears have a championship level defense, but they need more targets for quarterback Rex Grossman. Chicago drafted receiver Mark Bradley last year, now comes the tight end. Davis is an athletic, receiving tight end in the mold of the Patriots' Ben Watson. He averaged almost 16.5 yards per reception over 80 catches his last two seasons.

And our first second round pick:

From NFL Answers:

58. Chicago Bears-WR Maurice Stovall, Notre Dame